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Charter of the
European Conference on Digital Libraries

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The European Conference on Digital Libraries (ECDL) is a self-organized body whose main mission is to promote research and development in the area of digital libraries and other digital collections.

The structure of ECDL is based on four major constituencies, which collectively overview the organization and management of the series of ECDL conferences, normally held on a yearly basis in September. The constituencies are:

  • the Steering Committee
  • The main purpose of the Steering Committee is to ensure the continuity and the quality of ECDL. It has the final authority on every aspect related to the organization and management of ECDL. The Steering Committee members are:
    • the General Chair(s) and the Program Chair(s) of the previous conferences;
    • a representative of the ACM/IEEE JCDL Steering Committee;
    • any other expert who is a prominent member of the ECDL community, approved by the Steering Committee

  • the Steering Committee Chair and the Executive Board
  • The Executive Board has as a main responsibility to solicit proposals for future conferences, and, in agreement with the Steering Committee, to make the final decisions on proposal selection. The Executive Board is formed by the Chair, the Secretary and the Treasurer, who will be elected by the Steering Committee members, and will remain in charge for three years. The members of the Executive Board can be re-elected at most once.
    The Steering Committee Chair has as principal responsibility to oversee the overall functioning of the ECDL Steering Committee and the quality of the ECDL series of Conferences, and to represent the Steering Committee to the outside world.

  • the General Chair(s) and the Organizing Committee
  • In each conference, the General Chair(s), the Program Chair(s), and any other explicitly identified chairs (for example, Tutorial Chair, Panel Chair, etc.) form the Conference Organizing Committee for that conference and are in charge of the planning, running, and oversight of that conference to ensure that it meets the objectives of ECDL. The Organizing Committee approves all major decisions concerning the conference.
    The General Chair(s) are responsible for the overall running of the conference and serve as the Chair(s) of the Organizing Committee. They will prepare a report of the scientific results and the expected financial results of the conference, to be presented at the yearly meeting of the Steering Committee being held in connection with that conference.

  • the Program Chair(s) and the Program Committee
  • The Program Chair(s) are responsible for planning and implementing the technical program of the conference, and therefore their main responsibility is to ensure that the scientific quality of the conference be at the highest possible level. The Program Chair(s) will appoint individuals to serve on the Program Committee, to be chosen on the basis of their scientific and technical qualifications and experience.